Tony Rufolo
Hello, I’m Tony Rufolo, and this is my story.
I spent over 20 years as a Manager in the hospitality industry, where I worked across different sectors and embraced many different roles. I was pretty good at what I did and made decent money. When I started out it seemed like it was made for me. But then I crashed,
something was missing, I didn’t feel satisfied, I realised that I lost the passion. I dreaded leaving home for work.  I hated the endless meetings, coping with customer and staff demands, dealing with my boss and feeling overloaded with responsibility. I felt like it all had no meaning, no purpose, I felt stuck following a path I didn’t know how to change. I felt trapped. I don’t know how I resist for over 20 years. But this story does have a happy ending.  Or maybe I should say a New Beginning…..

Life is a journey, but sometimes we get stuck on the wrong path. My aim is to help people find their right path

New Direction

In 2007, when I was at my lowest point, I began reading and researching ways to make some changes in my life. I wanted to understand what was missing in my life and how I could find a way to be satisfied and have a sense of adventure again. by taking one step at the time I start practice the techniques I was learning and for the first time in years, I began to feel a spark of hope.  
I finally found the courage to walk away from the job that I could't cope anymore and took what others might have called a backward step – I left my position as a manager and took a job as waiter . This was my biggest leap forward, I took time to think deeply about what made me happy in work and in my life, about my skills and talent I have developed over years and about how could use these to make a living that truly satisfied me and others. I was able to step back and see my life from different prospective. For years I’d been afraid of the unknown, but now I was still paying the mortgage and finally experiencing the freedom I had yearned for.


New Energy

Changing my work-life was just the beginning.  All other areas of my life improved too. My world was filled with optimism and achievements.  My friends and family couldn’t believe the changes they saw in me and neither could I.
The more I continued my journey of change the more enthused I became.  I was struggling to understand why I had stayed in that job for so long, but soon it became clear.  Deep in my inner values, I have a natural passion for helping others excel and as a manager, trainer and leader, I loved supporting my teams to achieve more. 
I decided to channel this passion to help people, who are feeling “stuck”, to shift from the path they are following to find their own new beginning.  And that’s what has brought me to coaching.  Today, as a qualified Personal Performance Coach and NLP practitioner I help my clients look inside themselves to unearth their values and personal motivations so that they can find a path that is aligned within themselves to find true fulfilment.  and make things possible. 
New You
If you are unhappy with your work or life situation and would like to see whether coaching could help you become more fulfilled in your life,
please call me to arrange a free no-obligation consultation, that will give you a glimpse of what coaching is like and we'll discuss what you can expect if you decide to proceed.  



Things will not be different until you shift from the path you are on.  As your coach I can support and walk alongside you. 





“Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t do”

Rikki Roger