What has amazed me about Tony's coaching is that it has enabled me to exceed all previous attempts I have made to set and achieve these outcomes and it has felt (relatively) easy and fun along the way. What I mean by that is that Tony has somehow managed to support me to overcome my self-disbelief, set achievable goals which have worked for me, kept me motivated all the way through and supported me to achieve something I never really believed I could actually do.

His approach not only works incredibly effectively for me but his manner and approach is wonderfully warm and modest. He has great intuition and a gentle and affable nature that makes it easy to relax in his presence. His support feels fully committed but flexible enough to adapt and learn from you what works in motivating you and use that knowledge to drive you further than you thought possible. Thanks to him for his brilliant support  

Simon Stockton (self-employed)


Tony has a natural coaching style that enabled me to explore different option when faced with a number of tasks I was trying to complete all at the same time; he helped me to focus on what was important by asking the right questions at the right time.

Tony is a very good listener, who demonstrates a good understanding of what is being said. This really helped maintain the rapport we had. Overall, I had a lovely coaching experience with Tony, he has developed good qualities of being a coach. I benefited from my coaching experience, and would like to thank Tony for his support.

Sue Lewis (Consultant)

Together with Tony I worked on developing a set of deadlines for completing my second novel.

In the end I was able to finish the book more than a month ahead of my original deadline. The coaching was very supportive and understanding. I felt valued as a client and strived towards something that I did not believe was possible at first. Thank you Tony

Qasim Ansari (Writer)

I liked the fact that I was always in charge or actually, often reminded of that by Tony. This was a struggle at first, I guess, I was seeking someone to help me with finding answers. Tony was in a gentle way ‘firm and assertive’. He put the answers back to me. This I found empowering.

I looked forward to the coaching sessions, found them informative and motivational. I met the goal I want to achieve and also have the tools to keep up the process. Thank you Tony for handling all matter with patience, sensitivity and with the professionalism I would expect.

Gabriella De Angelis (Director)


Being in a coaching relationship with Tony has been a very positive and beneficial experience. I was a little sceptical at the first but when I realised that this was going to be a collaborative experience with Tony, as he challenged me to find the answer for myself, I began to relax and focus on what it was I actually wanted to achieve from each session. Tony helped me understand that I am indeed my own ‘expert’ and had the skills to achieve my goals. With his support and focused questioning skills, I came to understand that regardless of what my goals were, it all boiled down to the fact I struggle for time to do things, as I have such a demanding work schedule. I am now more motivated to work on this and have begun to free up my weekend and say no to extra work. This is beginning to help me achieve my other small goals and I feel pleased with myself. The added bonus is that I am also rested and feel more relaxed. This experience with Tony was hugely beneficial. He is a warm and empathic man who takes his coaching seriously. My thanks to him

Cristina Fonseca (Psychotherapist)